Thursday, 19 January 2012

This is me and my brother we had just been
rescued, we were taken to a home to be fostered
untill we got a new mam and dad.

Brenda my foster mam took one look at me
and said she could not bare to let me go.
So me, Pip, stayed and my brother got a
home with a nice new family.

I said I would be good and I was for a couple
of weeks.

Then this just happened.
This was my first little lie I said I did not do it.
I was just lying on it, that other dog did it.

They knew it was me , I wonder how.


  1. Hi Dippy
    You always tried to get me into trouble lard butt.
    Licks Bobby

  2. Goodness you really know how to make a mess! But you look cute doing it... so who can hold a grudge right? Maybe lets just not do it again, huh? Can't wait to see more of what troubl... uh, I mean adventures, you get into!! :)


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  3. Mi scusi pals solo essere la risposta ora, ma ho amato la vostra visita, ma mmami non è stato bene e ha avuto poco tempo per rispondere a tutti
    A nel mio sorteggio delle pelli, nasconde giovedì facciamo fare un post per chiarire i dubbi
    Amico di Turrinhas
    Kika ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. Hi Dip - thank you for visiting our blog. We remember when you were there with Bobby - you really are a cutie. So good to know you have found a wonderful forever home. Hope you will blog some more.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning